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Top 04 Best Gooloo Jump Starter Review 2021

The car jump starter could be another handy tool among the others in the auto-world. The manufacturer Gooloo has the fame for manufacturing the best jump starter that’s why we are representing a “Gooloo jump starter review” for you.

Where would talk about the best four Gooloo car jump starter you should consider buying. But why should you buy a jump starter in the first place, you might be wondering?

Well, having a portable jump starter in your automotive at all times, always comes in handy when you least expect it. Automotive battery issues often occur at the oddest times.

Best Jump Starter

Photo Title Buy
GOOLOO Jump Starter...image GOOLOO Jump Starter Battery Pack 1200A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Starter (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) with USB Quick Charge and LED Light,12V Lithium Jump Box Booster Portable Charger,Gray
GOOLOO GT1500 Water...image GOOLOO GT1500 Water Resistant Car Jump Starter 1500A Peak SuperSafe 12V Auto Battery Booster for Up to 8L Gas and 6L Diesel Engine with USB Quick Charge, Type-C Port, Portable Power Pack
GOOLOO Jump Starter...image GOOLOO Jump Starter Battery Pack - 1500A Peak Jump Box,Water-Resistant Car Battery Booster for Up to 8.0L Gas or 6.0L Diesel Engines,12V Car Jumper Starter Portable with QC 3.0,Type C Port
GOOLOO 2000A Peak...image GOOLOO 2000A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter for Up to 9L Gas or 7L Diesel Engine with USB Quick Charge, Type-C Port, 12V Auto Portable Lithium Battery Booster Power Pack

So, in other to avoid being stranded, you can spend so little by investing in a car jump starter. Unlike other jump starters in the market, this jump starters are unique.

They are reliable to start-up dead batteries quickly, but they also come with built-in tools. When you purchase a sturdy Gooloo jump starter power bank, you can be sure of absolute peace of mind in case of any roadside issue or emergency.

Find out more about Gooloo jump starters below. 

Why Purchase a Gooloo Jump Starter

But before we get into the review itself, let’s talk about why these jump starters stand out from the rest of the jump starter.

The first and obvious reason why you would love Gooloo Technologies LLC products is portability.

This renown brand believes that if they can’t teach you to be a professional repairman, the least they can do is provide you with simple and light equipment that will come in handy in emergencies.

This Company specializes in manufacturing external battery for cars and digital production such as car jump starter, quick charge power bank, and other accessories. 

Furthermore, affordability is another selling point of this durable jump starters, especially they feature battery jump starters. When you compare the market value of other jump starter and the value they give, the difference is glaring with that of Gooloo.

You can expect other features from Gooloo jump starters are multifunctional, automatic, portable, easy, and light. The best jump starter famous brand also offers you the flexibility to customize a product to suit your particular need.

Moreover, with this extreme jump starters, you do not have to worry about overcharge and over-discharge. All Gooloo-made products also come with fuse protection and protection against reverse plug to further product the device.

In summary, Gooloo jump starters offer you value for your money.

Top 4 Gooloo Jump Starter Review 2021

Here are the top four Gooloo jump starters you can consider getting. 

01. 1200A Peak with USB Quick Charge 3.0 Gooloo 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter


First on our list is the Gooloo GP37-Plus, an auto battery booster. It is completely portable and easy to carry with you anywhere you go. The sleek design and compact nature make it stand out from other jump starters.

If you’re more inclined to get a jump starter with sufficient power, go for this car jump starter as it comes with enough power to serve you as an emergency jump starter anytime, anywhere.  


The power rating of this jump start is peaked at 66.6 Wh, and it can produce current as high as 1200 A. This GP37-Plus With the powerful battery of the Gooloo GP37-Plus.

Therefore, you can jump-start a 7.0L gas engine or a 5.5L diesel engine conveniently. So, be it for your motorcycle, boat, yacht, truck, or car, you can trust this vehicle jump starter power to suffice. 

Portable and Small Design 

Design-wise, this GP37-plus jump-start comes in a sleek, compact plastic casing. This unit as a whole comes with a package bag where you can store all the accessories.

There are also ports all around the GP37-plus battery, making its design very easy to use. 

LED Light 

At the top of this 4WD-Gooloo jump starter battery is an LED light that you can use at night. At the side of the GP37-Plus is the LED light switch.

It works by pushing it up or down to on or off the LED light. The LED light comes in handy, especially at night. 


There are several outlets on the GP37-Plus with different output values for different uses. At one side of the GP37-Plus are two USB output for quick charging.

Among the two USB ports on this device, one of them is for quick charging, will the other USB port produces 5V and 2.1A. At the bottom of the device, there is the 12V, 10A output port you can use to power several electronic devices.

And at the top of the Gooloo GP37-Plus is the main 12V car jump starter. As for input, there is a 15V, 1A input port you can use for recharging the battery. 

LED Indicator 

To help you know the level of remaining charge in the battery, the GP37-Plus comes with an LED indicator. As you use the battery, the five LED indicators begin to drop gradually, indicating the remaining charge left in the battery.

It is best always to keep the battery charged in case of an emergency. 

Smart Clamp Protection 

Importantly, this Gooloo jump starter comes with smart clamp protection that protects the battery of the device and your automobile battery.

The clamp protects against short circuit, high temperature, reverse connection, high voltage, over-discharge, surge voltage, over current and reverse polarity.

  • EMERGENCY LIFE SAVER: The GOOLOO car battery jump starter with 1200A peak current amps will jump start most 12V vehicles up to 7.0L gas or 5.5L diesel.
  • AFFORDABLE AND POWERFUL- Get an all-in-one car starter, power bank and LED flashlight at an affordable price. The performance of this GOOLOO portable car battery jump starter power pack was just as capable as many of the high-end model and can meet the needs of most people.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SLEEK DESIGN: The GOOLOO portable car jump starter battery pack weighs just 1.2 pounds and measures 6.4 × 3 × 1.4 inches. You can easily hold it in your hand, or put it in your pocket, or put it anywhere in the car.
  • PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY: The GOOLOO jump starter battery pack can be used to charge numerous devices using its USB output ports (5V 2.1A, 5V 2.4A/9V 2A) or 12V 10A output using the included cigarette lighter socket. The quick-charge 3.0 USB port charges your devices faster and is compatible with almost all USB charging devices, including cell phones, tablets, Kindles or digital cameras.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: The smart jumper cable features multiple advanced safety technologies, including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection and high-temperature protection to ensure safety for the user.
  • LED FLASHLIGHT: Not only a 12v jump box, the super bright LED work light has 3 modes: Flash Light, Strobe Light and SOS Light. This multipurpose flashlight is great for camping, travel, power failures, emergencies, etc.
  • FAST RECHARGE TIME: Only 5 hours recharge time to charge the GOOLOO portable car battery jump starter power pack using the included 120 V AC charger or 12 V DC charger. You can know the charging status through the built-in indicator light intuitively.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: GOOLOO Portable Battery Jump Starter, Smart Jumper Clamp, Wall Charger, Car Charger, USB to Type-C Quick-Charge Cable, 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter, Portfolio Style Carrying Case, User Manual for Jump Starter.


  • Easy to use 
  • Powerful 18,000 mAh battery 
  • Smart protection clamp 
  • lightweight 


  • Not able of jump-starting large engines 

02. 1500A Peak 20800mAh with USB Quick Charge 3.0 GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter


GP200 is another excellent jump starter from Gooloo worth considering. If you are after a jump start that combines both portability and power, then this GP200 will be perfect.

While it is a Supersafe car jumper, you can also use it as a portable power bank to charge several devices. 


Overall, the design of the GP200 is simplistic and compact. With its rectangular shape made with plastic, this ooloo jump starter power bank GP200 also has a soft rubber material around it for better grip.

Furthermore, this GP200 is lightweight and easy to pack in its bag and other accessories for easy transportation. 

LCD Screen 

At the front of this Gooloo GP200 is an LCD screen which comes in handy. Although the LCD screen is a simple black ink on a screen, it displays pretty much displays all the essential details you’d find handy.

The screen displays the battery percentage and several alerts, like when it’s time to recharge or if you reverse the clamp. 


In terms of power, this Gooloo GP200 is packed with enough power for several uses. It comes with a powerful 20800 mAh battery, powerful enough to jump start an 8.0L gas or 6.0L diesel engine.

The current is also peaked at 1500 A, and the GP200 can produce up to 76.9 Wh of power. 

LED Light 

Furthermore, this Gooloo GP200 also comes with an LED light at its top. Interestingly, you can set the light in different modes depending on how you want to use it.

It comes with a built-in strobe function and SOS for emergencies.  


On this Gooloo GP200, you get multiple input and output ports that increase this jump starter versatility. At the side of the best jump starter GP200 are dual USB outputs, quick charge, and USB 3.0, which you can use to charge your phone.

You will also get a 12V, 10A output port you can use to power several devices. And with the 15V, 1A input port, you can easily charge up the battery in this jump starter.

Most importantly, at the side, there is the jump cable input for jump-starting 12 V batteries.  

Advanced Protection Clamps 

The advanced protection clamp has built-in smart security protection that makes it safe to use. So, you no longer have to worry about over-current or over-discharging problems, thanks to the clamps’ smart technology.

  • CAR EMERGENCY LIFE SAVER - With 1500A peak current, the GOOLOO GT1500 has enough power to jump start most vehicles (up to 8.0L gas or 6.0L diesel engines) on the road and works with vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, watercrafts, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, lawn mowers, yachts, boat, pickup, and snowmobiles. Fully charges in 5 hours and can hold a charge for more than 3 months
  • GO BEYOND JUMP STARTER - The Type-C In/Out 15W Port and Dual USB ports – including one quick-charge 3.0 port – can fully charge your cellphone, GPS, camera, tablet or any other compatible electronic device. Charging is fast and efficient – helping you save time
  • WATER RESISTANT & ADVANCED PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY: With Splash-proof function, this car jump starter can be used in rainy days. The intelligent jumper clamp features multiple advanced safety technologies including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection and high-temperature protection – ensuring it’s safe for anyone to use
  • LED FLASHLIGHT: The LED work light has 3 modes: Flash Light, Strobe Light and SOS Light. This multi-purpose flashlight is great for camping, outdoors, indoors, emergencies, travel, etc.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1 x GOOLOO Powerful Jump Starter GT1500, 1 x Smart Jumper Clamp, 1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 1 x USB to Type-C Cable, 1 x Type-C to Type-C Cable, 1 x Carry Bag, 1 x User Manual (No adapter included). Contact us anytime with any questions.


  • Durable construction 
  • Compact design and lightweight 
  • User-friendly display LCD screen 


  • Doesn’t come with the option to charge through the lighter socket

03. 1500A Peak with USB Quick Charge, In&Out Type-C GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter


Another interesting car jump starter worth checking out in case of an emergency is the Gooloo GP1500. This jump starter is portable, lightweight, and works with motorcycles, cars, watercraft, UTV’s ATVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, etc. 


Design-wise, this also comes in a compact casing, and it is also lightweight, meaning moving it around is easy. It comes in a plastic casing, which also contributes to the aesthetics of this jump starter. 


If you are still after more power, not minding the price, then the Gooloo GP1500 might just be what you are looking for. With a battery peak current at 1500 A, you can use this jump start to power a 6.0L diesel and 8.0L gas engines.

And with a battery capacity of up to 15000 mAh and 55.5 Wh, you can be sure of having enough power to last you a long time.

You can also use this jump starter as a portable backup power bank to charge mobile phones and other devices. 

Type C in/out Quick Charge Port 

Gooloo GP1500 comes with a type C in/out port which can get to a full charge in 5 hours, and has a charge holding capacity of more than three months.

This type C port has a power rating of 15 W, 5V, and 3 A. You can also use the type C port with the wall charger to recharge this jump starter. You can also use this port to charge other devices. 


Like the Type C in/out port on this jump starter, other ports are like the dual 3.0 USB outlet for charging mobile devices. There is also the 15 V, 10 A output port you can use to power up a 12V devices like a tire inflator, air compressor, car refrigerator, etc. 

LED Flashlight 

At the top of this jump starter, there is its LED flashlight that works in three modes. You can use its LED light as a normal flashlight, as an SOS light, or as a strobe light.

And because it comes with a powerful battery, the multipurpose flashlight is great for camping, emergencies, travel, indoor, and even outdoors. 

Battery Indicator 

There is a battery indicator at the front of the jump start that tells you the level of charge remaining in the jump starter. There are four blue LED bulbs serving as the battery indicator on this Gooloo jump starter.

  • 【POWERFUL CAR JUMP STARTER】The GOOLOO GT1500 Auto jump starter is powerful enough to jump start most vehicles (up to 8.0L gas or 6.0L diesel engines) with 1500A peak current.It could work with cars, motorcycles, watercrafts, ATVs, UTVs, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, etc. Fully charges by Type-c port in 5 hours and able to hold a charge for more than 3 months!
  • 【PORTABLE QUICK-CHARGE POWER BANK】Designed with a 15W Type-C In/Out Port and Dual USB ports(a USB3.0 quick charge port included),which can charge your smartphone, GPS, camera, tablet or any other compatible electronic devices faster than normal power banks.A real time-saver jump starter power bank for you to have!
  • 【WATER RESISTANT & ADVANCED PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY】Our GT1500 can be used in rainy days because of its Splash-proof function. And the intelligent jumper cables features embraced multiple advanced technologies including over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection and high-temperature protection –considering your safety of using our jump pack every time.
  • 【LED FLASHLIGHT】 The 3-mode LED light (flashlight / SOS / Strobe) meets your various needs. It's a great companion for camping, traveling, outdoors, indoors, emergencies, etc. With our GT1500 battery jump starter in your car,there is nothing to worry about when driving out alone in the evening!
  • 【WHAT’S INCLUDED】1 x GOOLOO Compact GT1500 Lithium-ion Jump Starter, 1 x Smart Jumper Clamp, 1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 1 x USB to Type C Cable, 1 x Type-C to Type-C Cable, 1 x Carry Bag, 1 x User Manual(No adapter included). And you are ensured with 18 months warranty and lifetime professional technical support. Contact us anytime if there is any problem of GOOLOO portable jump starters.Our customer service team will reply within 24 hours!


  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Powerful battery 
  • Multipurpose LED flashlight 
  • Type C in/out port 


  • No display screen 

04. Upgraded 2000A Peak with USB Quick Charge 3.0 GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter


Last on our list is the GP2000, another exquisitely designed jump starter from Gooloo. The best jump starter GP2000 is the most powerful car jump starter from on our list.

If you don’t mind the price, but want the most powerful jump starter for bigger engines, you can go for this GP2000 jump starter. 


In terms of design, this Gooloo GP2000 jump starter also comes in a portable casing that compacts it. So, when you want something lightweight yet comes packed full of power, this GP2000 is ideal. 


Power-wise, this Gooloo GP2000 comes with a solid 19,800 mAh battery with a standby time of up to 3-6 months. This jump supply also supplies you with a peak current of up to 2000 A, and wattage of 72 Wh.

With a jump starter power this high, you can use this jump starter to power a 10L gas or 7L diesel engine. You can use this jump starter on cars, boats, motorcycles, yachts, trucks, etc.

In summary, when it comes to power, you have nothing to worry about this jump starter supply. 

Ultra-bright LED Light 

The ultra-bright LED light comes in very handy in several scenarios. Its LED light functions in three different modes: an SOS light, strobe light, and flashlight.

When you find yourself in situations like an adventure, emergency, camping, and so on, the super bright LED light on this GP2000 jump starter will come in handy. 

Advanced Safety Technology Clamps 

Unlike competitors jump starter, this Gooloo GP2000 comes with advanced safety technology clamps that help you protect your battery from a hazard, making it last longer.

With its safety technology, you can expect to get up to eight protections, including over current protection, over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, and so much more, just to ensure this jump starter is safe for anyone. 


On the Gooloo GP2000, several ports help make using this jump starter pretty straightforward and versatile. You get a dual USB port, one for fast charging, and a regular 3.0 USB.

You will also get a type C port you can use as an output or input to this jump starter.

  • Starts Most Dead Auto Battery - GOOLOO GP2000 12V portable car battery jump starter is powerful enough to start vehicles (up to 9.0L gas engine / 7.0L diesel engine) fast and easily, with heavy-duty jumper clamps (included).
  • Portable Power Supply – More than a car battery charger, the GOOLOO GP2000 car battery jump starter includes three USB Ports (15W TYPE-C, USB 5V/9V/12V Quick Charge, USB 5V / 2.4A ) for additional charging convenience of portable devices.
  • Ergonomic Design with Multi-Features – GOOLOO GP2000 portable car battery jump starter is lightweight, easy to carry, and includes an integrated LED super bright work light with three light modes (flashlight, SOS, strobe), providing maximum convenience and flexibility.
  • Safe and Secure – SUPERSAFE is a safety protection technology by GOOLOO, which automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a precise connection before providing power to most automotive battery or electrical device. You can rest assured to use the GOOLOO GP2000 car battery jump starter power pack.
  • Affordable and Powerful - Get an all-in-one car starter, power bank, LED flashlight and quick charge 3.0 adapter at an affordable price.
  • In The Package – GOOLOO GP2000 SuperSafe Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Power Pack, Heavy-Duty Jumper Clamps, Quick Charge Wall Charger, USB to Type C Cable, Storage Bag, Cigarette Lighter Adapter, User Manual.
  • Superior Customer Service - GOOLOO provides itself on exceptional customer service, including a 30-day money back guarantee, up to 18 months warranty, and lifetime technical support.


  • Portable 
  • Powerful battery 
  • Type C in/out port 


Not display screen 

Common & Important FAQs- Gooloo Jump Starter Review

Q: Will a Gooloo jump starter start-up a dead battery?

A: Well, the reality of this question is that not all jump starter has the capacity to start a vehicle with a completely dead battery. However, with a Gooloo jump starter, you can use it to start up a vehicle with a completely dead battery.

Most jump starter would not start up a car with a dead battery because the current has to first flow into the dead battery before into the car.

And because the battery is dead, only a little amount of current goes into the car. But with the Gooloo jump starter power bank its smart advanced technology clamps, you have no worries with dead batteries. 

Q: Is Gooloo jump starter a good brand?

A: Well, in terms of performance, Gooloo did an excellent job in that aspect. You can be sure of getting maximum performance for the money you pay with car jump starters.

On the other hand, their batteries are also fair and can last you for hours, depending on your usage. In terms of design as well, their jump starters are compact and simplistically designed.

However, they have a plastic construction material, although it is durable enough to withstand falls. If you are after something portable for a small vehicle, then the Gooloo jump starter is a perfect brand you’d enjoy using. 

Q: Can a battery be too dead to jump-start?

A: Yes, your car battery can get so low that it cannot jump start anymore. Several factors might be responsible for a battery getting so low beyond jump start.

For example, when a battery reaches a state of discharge below the standard range of 12 V, especially when it reaches 11.9 V and below, there will be issues.

Or when the battery is in the state of discharge for too long, it can also possibly damage the battery. 

Q: Can jump-starting a car kill your battery?

A: No, jump-starting a car does not damage your car battery in anyways. You can even use your car battery to jump-start another car several times, as long as you still have a charged battery you are good to go.

So, whatever you chose to use, be it a Gooloo jump starter or your car battery as a jump starter, it would not kill your car battery. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, having a good Gooloo jump starter review brand like the Gooloo jump starter will have one less thing to worry about. And as you can see, with these car jump starters, you are getting more features.

What differs between the different Gooloo jump starter power bank at different prices is the battery’s capacity and peak amp rating.

In terms of performance, the lithium battery in each car jump starter in this review has a great power retaining capacity.

So, whichever car jump starter you decide to go for, you can ensure your next road trip is worry-free. 

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