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Top 10 Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500 Review 2021

Cars wheels and tires need to be protected from dirt and debris, and this calls for the need to invest in a great fender flare. We got you covered by providing this correct, factual, and thorough researched best fender flares for ram 1500 review post. Photo: Truck Hardware.

We have done all dirty work and to avail this masterpiece review post about the best fender flares. Go through it and you will thanks later, mate.

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Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500

Photo Title Buy
Bushwacker 50921-02 Black...image Bushwacker 50921-02 Black Max Coverage Pocket/Rivet Style Smooth Finish 4-Piece Fender Flare Set for 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 (Includes Dually)
Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078...image Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 for 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500; 2003-2009 Ram 2500 3500 (Fleetside Models ONLY) | Fine-Textured Matte Black Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set, 4 Piece
OxGord Fender Flares...image OxGord Fender Flares Compatible with 02-08 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 - Bolt On Pocket Rivet Style - Pick-up Truck Accessories Trim Guards Re-Paintable Parts w/Hardware Kit (Pack of 4)
Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4148...image Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4148 for 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500; 2019-2021 Ram 1500 Classic | Exclude R/T, Warlock, Rebel Models | Paintable Smooth Matte Black Pocket Bolt-Riveted Style Fender Flare Set, 4 Piece
LEDKINGDOMUS Fender Flares...image LEDKINGDOMUS Fender Flares Kit Compatible for 2009-2018 Dodge 2019-2021 Ram 1500 Classic (Exclude R/T Models), Textured Matte Black Finish Front Rear Wheels Pocket Rivet Style
Tyger Auto TG-FF6D4198...image Tyger Auto TG-FF6D4198 For 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500; 2003-2009 Ram 2500 3500 (ONLY Fit 6.5' Truck Bed) | Paintable Fine-Textured Matte Black Factory Style Fender Flare Set, 4 Piece
Dodge Ram 1500...image Dodge Ram 1500 Factory/OE Design Fender Flares. 2009-2018 Models. Set of 4
Fender Flares Kit...image Fender Flares Kit Compatible for 2002-2008 Dodge 1500 Fleetside Models, 2003-2009 Ram 2500 3500, Textured Matte Black Finish Front Rear Pocket Rivet Style
Bushwacker 50907-02 Black...image Bushwacker 50907-02 Black Pocket/Rivet Style Smooth Finish 4-Piece Fender Flare Set for 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500; 2003-2009 Ram 2500; 2003 Ram 3500
DNA Motoring WF-81013-MBK...image DNA Motoring WF-81013-MBK 4pcs Pocket-Riveted Design Wheel Fender Flares
A 10 minute read that details all about fender flares and benefits associated with getting one of these must-have car fender flares. Why not try installing a fender flare on your most treasured car?

The 10 Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500 Review 2021

01. Bushwacker 50921-02 Pocket Style Max Coverage Fender Flare

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


Are you tired of dirt and debris affecting your car wheel and tire area? Look no further since this car fender flare is the perfect choice for your most treasured asset. Some notable benefits of the Bushwacker-Max Fender Flare include:

Suitable for SUVs and Trucks

A great thing about the Bushwacker fender flare is its ability to complement SUVs and trucks. By being diverse in compatibility, it’s a great car wheel well fender flare to invest in.

Compliments well your Car’s Look

Bushwacker 50921-02 fender flare complements well when installed with SUVs and trucks. As such, it’s a great car accessory that will make your car look magnificent and classy in the end.

Made of Tough and Durable Material

By being made of tough and durable material, this car fender flare lasts long, and replacing it anytime soon is not a worry. Also, it’s flexible to withstand harsh weather conditions which deteriorate the quality of most fender flares.

From dirt to debris, it’s tolerant to most weather issues thus being durable for many years.

Simple and Quick Installation Process

When purchasing this product, a user manual is provided for when purchasing and it details insights on how to better install it. One thing certain, you can install it on your own without the need to call for professional mechanic assistance.


  • A tough and bold design
  • Stainless steel bolts for durability
  • A paintable matte black finish
  • Bolts don’t touch car body


  • Looks big on stock wheels

02. Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4078 Fleetside Models Fender Flare

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


A great car fender flare that is durable for many years and doesn’t call for a replacement anytime soon. Also, it’s affordable and thus a wise investment.

Top-notch Durable Stainless Rivets

Tyger fender flare comes with stainless rivets that don’t require drilling into the trucks body. Also, they direct the correct chrome to complement well with the rest of the flare. In the end, this leaves a perfect and exquisite finish touch to the whole component.

High-quality Product

One thing true, the ram 1500 fender flare is a quality product that lasts for many years. When designing this product, the manufacturer used the latest injection molding technology.

Use of this technology ensures that even thickness is achieved along the flared wall. As such, you are assured of getting the best in quality fender flare worth every penny spent acquiring it.

Secure Edge Trim

When purchasing the kit, it comes with a unique rubber edge trim which is set up on the edge of the flare. By installing it prevents the effects of scratching by minimizing the friction between the flare and car.

Made of Durable Polypropylene Material

Manufacturers of Tyger fender flares use quality and durable polypropylene material which allows flexibility. All this ensures it’s the best product that surpasses or meets the industrial standards set for fender flares products.


  • Top-notch tire coverage
  • Comes with additional hardware
  • Made of durable polypropylene materials
  • Uniform and even thickness


  • Takes time to setup

03. OxGord Bolt On Pocket Fender Flares for Dodge Ram 1500

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


Shun mediocre and expensive fender flares that do not last for long by purchasing this type of fender flare. By design, it’s a great fit for the ram 1500 car and provides a classy look when installed.

A Stylish Design

OxGord fender flare is a classy car accessory that is made available in a matte black finish. One thing great about this stylish fender flare is its ability to easily get re-painted and complement with car finish.

Simple Setup Process

To install this model of Ram 1500 fender flare is quite an easy process that doesn’t require hiring a professional mechanic. Simply align this fender flare with all provided hardware accessories to attach it firmly.

Also, a user manual is provided for and details insights on how to install it well and fast.

A Complete Coverage Set

A great fender flare that complements well with the right/left side of a driver or passenger side. Additionally, it complements well with the front and rear of your most treasured car asset.

Doesn’t Break the Bank

A wise choice of fender flares which doesn’t break the bank and thus leaves extra money that can be used to improve the ram 1500. Compared to most Ram 1500 fender flares in this review, it is a cheap yet great choice to purchase today.


  • Simple installation process
  • Includes Allen key plus hardware
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Smooth re-paintable matte black finish


  • Lacks extra self-tapping screws

04. Tyger Auto TG-FF8D4148 Pocket Bolt-Riveted Dodge Ram Flare Set

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


Sometimes prevalent rogue road issues can affect car wheel or tires and they include mud and debris? Don’t worry since this car fender flare is great for installing on ram 1500 and importantly has an easy installation process.

Saves Huge Cost

Tyger models are known for their great versatility which helps to save huge costs associated with replacing a defected one. A great thing about this product is its ability to be resistant against road issues like warping and cracking.

As such, this product can last for many years without calling for a replacement any time soon.

Easy and Straightforward to Install

When purchasing this product there is a user manual that provides helpful insights on how to install it conveniently. Although it takes approximately two hours to set up the fender flare, no drilling is needed plus all mounting accessories are included.

Made with the Latest Injection Molding Technology

Fender flares made using this technology are top-notch in performance plus improve the overall performance. Importantly, the use of polypropylene material ensures that it’s durable for many years while offering great flexibility.

Nice Product Look

A premium gentle matte black finish gives this fender flare model an attractive appearance. Additionally, this finish is re-paintable to complement well with vehicle color and is UV resistant.


  • Additional hardware is included
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • Standard thickness and tire coverage


  • Time-consuming installation process

05. LEDKINGDOMUS Easy Installation Classic Dodge Ram Fender Flares

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


Set yourself apart from other car owners by purchasing this exquisite car fender flare. Here are some features of this fender flare model.

Simple Setup Process

One thing certain, it’s not cumbersome to install this fender flares kit. Ram 1500 fender flares kit has perfect trimming that fits onto the car wheels accurately. When installing this car accessory, no drilling is needed.

A setup user manual is provided for and all required mounting tools are included ensuring there is easy and straightforward installation process.

Made of Quality ABS Material

Each product in this fender flare kit model is made of quality ABS material. Also, the ABS material is resistant to high impacts, extreme heat, and flames ensuring that the product is long-lasting and much brighter.

Also, the ABS materials are pure and no recycled materials are used.

Protected from UV Light

Addition of special UV powder during manufacturing ensures the fender flare is not prone to cracking and chalking issues. Availability in matte black finish style ensures it can be painted in a color that complements your car.

Offers Protection to the Wheel well

A good choice that offers an immense off-road look. By purchasing this fender flare kit you protect the car wheel well from mud infestation, external damages prevalent, and of course scratches. A great investment to go for in 2021.


  • Not prone to rust
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Doesn’t crack of chalk
  • Simple and straightforward installation


  • Not highly versatile

06. Tyger Auto TG-FF6D4198 6.5′ Fender Flares for Ram 1500

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


A great yet cost-effective fender flare that is suited for the ram 1500 car makes and models. One thing certain, its factory tested and made of durable materials.

By purchasing, this Tyger-affiliated fender flare you are blessed with a great servant that will last for many years. Why not try it today?

A Tough Durable Product

Engineers of this Tyger model of fender flares had the best user interest when manufacturing it and ensured it’s made of poly material. Use of this material ensures the product is durable, impact-resistant, and resilient to scratches.

Besides, the fender flare has an unrivaled ability to pull debris hence ideal for cars that regularly travel on rough roads.

Easy and Straightforward Installation

Everything is provided for when buying this gadget and importantly the presence of the user manual gives immense insights on to how get the job done. To install this fender flare it takes less than an hour and thus a wise investment to go for.

Meets or Surpasses Industry Standards

One great thing users of this fender flare realize after purchasing is a product that is tested and meets factory standards set for fender flares. As such, it’s a wise product to get today and will serve you for many years without having to worry about getting a replacement.


  • Straightforward installation process
  • Very simple to paint
  • Extensive tire coverage
  • An attractive polished look


  • Very specific to car models

07. Monkey Autosports Factory/OE Design Flares for Dodge Ram 1500

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


Dodge fender flare is a leader in the car industry and gives you immense benefits. By purchasing this product, you are a level ahead of other car owners who haven’t tried it. Try it today and you won’t regret acquiring it.

Made of Durable Plastic Material

When manufacturing this fender flare, the engineers used high quality yet durable material. All this ensures the fender flare protects cars from dust and debris which can damage the wheel area.

As such, it protect cars from apparent dirt flaws while at the same time conserving garage costs associated with repairing wheel well. Why not try your luck here mate!

Quick Setup Process

Installing this fender flare is not cumbersome since when purchasing it a user manual is availed free of charge. Overall, the installation process takes less than 30 minutes which is faster compared to other fender flares that take one to two hours.


A good feature realized by the users of this model of fender flare is a lightweight car accessory. By being lightweight, you can install the gadget easily and fast without tiring that much.

Resistance to Extreme Climatic Conditions

Dodge Ram-1500 fender flares are resistant to extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, UV light, and other rogue weather conditions. As such, it’s a wise investment to go for if you are located in areas experiencing these extremely harsh weather conditions.


  • Impact and scratch-resistant
  • Easily paintable in diverse colors
  • Easy and quick installation process
  • Doesn’t break the bank


  • Needs drilling to pre-install

08. LEDKINGDOMUS High-Impact Thermoplastic Fender Flares for Ram 1500

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


Why stress yourself by searching endlessly for the perfect fender flare? Invest in this vehicle car fender and your life will never be the same.

Made of Quality Material

By manufacture, the material used to make the compatible fender-flare kit is made of excellent ABS material which is durable and brighter. No recycled materials are used to make this model of fender flare making it unique and effective for installing on your car wheel well.

Protected from UV Light Harm

By design, this model of fender flare is made of adjustable UV secure UV thermoplastic matte black finish. A great thing about this product is the fact that it can be painted in any color of your choice to complement with the car.

Simple Installation Process

All hardware accessories required to install this fender flare are included when purchasing it. Also, no drilling is required and importantly a user manual is provided and is free of charge.

As such, it’s not cumbersome to install the car wheel gadget since you can follow the user manual to achieve this.

A Secure Car Gadget

By design, this car fender flare is well protected from mud, debris, and other stuff that can affect the wheel. As such, you are assured of a tool that protects car wheel thus saving the huge cost associated with repairs and replacements.


  • Affordable purchase price
  • Protection from harsh UV light
  • Straightforward and easy installation
  • Quality ABS material make


  • Not that versatile

09. Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flare for Dodge Ram 1500

Best Fender Flares for Ram 1500


If you own the ram 1500 car make, this fender is great and a wise acquisition for you and your car. Here are the reasons to purchase

Easy to Setup

Installing this fender flare is not cumbersome and is an easy process that you can articulate on your own. One thing sure, the setup process is super easy and requires less drilling.

As such, you can install the fender flare comfortably saving the huge cost associated with consulting a professional mechanic.

A Quality Product that Meets or Surpasses Industry Standards

By purchasing this product you are assured of getting a quality car accessory that meets or surpasses industry standards set for fender flares. As such, it’s a wise buy that is factory tested and thus original by design.

Diverse Car Compatibility

Not only does this fender flare cover 2006-2007 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 but it also covers the 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 2500 and 2003-2003 Dodge Ram 3500. By covering these diverse car models, this car fender flare is the right fit for you.

Doesn’t Break the Bank

An affordable car fender flare that doesn’t break the bank and leaves some monetary sum to use for future purposes. Compare prices from different shop outlets to get the best price.


  • Extra tire coverage
  • Minimal drilling when installing
  • No chalking and UV protected
  • Easily paintable in diverse colors


  • Some users claim installation difficulties  

10. DNA MOTORING Pocket-Riveted Fender Flare for Dodge Ram 1500


Mud and unwanted road debris can affect your car wheel and tire. As such, it’s prudent to invest in a great car fender flare. DNA fender flare will serve you immensely and this is why:

Straightforward Installation Process

To install this gadget is an easy process that can be done solely without consulting a professional mechanic. Importantly, the user manual is provided when purchasing and it gives you immense insights on how to fast and effectively install the DNA WF-81010-MBK Fender-Flare.

Made of Durable Materials

Engineers of this DNA fender flare had the best user interest when making it and they used durable polypropylene material which is great for curbing impact issues.

Also, this fender flare withstands rogue climatic conditions and thus a great all-weather car accessory.

Great Portability

By design, this fender flare is portable and lightweight. As such, it’s easy to install and of course doesn’t tire you. All in all, this fender flare is great for your car and its portability makes it’s a good fit for your car and installation.

Factory Tested

Extensive testing is carried out before releasing this fender flare to customers. By purchasing this car wheel gadget you are assured of a tool that meets or surpasses industry standards set for fender flares.


  • Resistant to UV light damage
  • A great attractive look
  • Extra boosted tire coverage
  • Easily paintable in diverse colors


  • Fits in specific truck models

How to Buy the Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500

Before embarking to purchase your choice of fender flare it’s important to look at the buying considerations. Here are some important buying considerations for ram 1500 fender flares:

Type of Material Used

One thing certain, the type of material used to make your choice of Fender flare for ram 1500 is an essential parameter to consider. Some of these products use plastic, stainless steel, or ABS materials. Plastic made fender flares are cheap and provide lightweight help.

If you are seeking a durable product, go for the stainless steel made fender flares for ram 1500. Concerning the type of material used, some will provide features like durability, heat resistance, and of course non-flammability.

Fender flares made of top quality materials will provide long-lasting usability and top-notch performance.

Purpose of Installing Fender Flares

Fender flares are great for installing in cars and the main purpose is to curb a vehicle’s wheels or tires from throwing debris, mud, and liquids in the air. If components around the tire or wheel are damaged or rusted, these car accessories help to conceal prevalent flaws.

Also, some car owners like installing them for their attractiveness. Fender flares serve diverse roles but to improve the appearance of your car, look for style and design.

Importantly, before embarking to purchase one, consider the needs of your car before proceeding to buy one.

Some necessities to look for include:

  • Vehicle model and make
  • Size of the fender flare
  • Diverse suitability for different car makes and models

Before embarking to purchase one, look for the manufacturers listing to ensure you get one that complements your car make and model. By doing so, you get a better understanding of whether you need a set of two or four fender flares.

Set-up Process

How you set-up your choice of fender flare is a crucial area you need to check for when buying the best fender flares for ram 1500. Usually, most of the above-mentioned products come with an easy set-up process that you can manage on your own.

Also, in most cases, drilling is not required but if it’s needed, contact a professional mechanic for help. Manufacturers of these products will usually provide a user manual to help guide you on how to install effectively.

A user manual is an important element that helps conserve time while at the same increase the productivity of your product of choice.

The Style and Design Used

Style and design is an important buying consideration you should never ignore when getting your suitable fender flare. Notable designs include the OEM design, Fender trim design, pocket design, street design, wide design, or cut out style.

Pocket designs are often installed using durable and strong adhesive tape. Also, sheet-like metal screws are used to mount this design while it features attractive rivets set-up on top of the flare.

Street design fender flare has a subtle outlook, while the cut-out design requires you to cut the metal sheet out of the OEM fender. Importantly this increases the size of your car tires.

OEM design is set-up as a standard tool in your car. Importantly this design of fender flare is painted to complement well with your car color. Wide or extended design of fender flare when installed sticks outside the body of the car.

Finally, the fender trim design doesn’t offer extra width on a car’s fenders. Contrary to this, it’s classy and doesn’t reveal rust in a car’s wheel arches.


Not all fender flares are cheap and it’s important to seek from different shop outlets about the price before embarking to purchase one. Fender flares sold directly from the manufacturer are cheap compared to those sold by legalized fender flares sellers.

As such, it’s prudent to first make a comparison from different sellers to get an affordable one that doesn’t exhaust your wallet.

FAQ’s of Best Fender Flares For Ram 1500

Frequently asked questions section provides questions and answers that will help you understand about fender flares. Here are some frequently asked questions about fender flares:

Q: What type of paint is used in fender flares?

Ans: Not all paints can be used to improve the appearance of your fender flare and car. Confirm from the user manual to get ideas about the best paint to use.

Also, paint mixing is usually conducted in-house and can be sourced from diverse paint distributors or the manufacturer of your fender flare.

Q: Are fender flares attractive?

Ans: Whether fender flares are attractive or not it’s a matter of personal opinion. All in all, most users of these gadgets embrace and are thrilled by the attractiveness appearance of correctly sized and installed fender flares.

Some drivers attest to finding that the choice of their finder flares makes their car wheels look much smaller. Other comment that they are out of position when installed on a non-lifted vehicle.

Q: Do all fender flare come in 4 sets?

Ans: Absolutely no. Most fender flares come in paint or a set of two. All in all, it’s up to you to decide if you want it for all your car tires or some.

Q: How can I install my choice of fender flare?

Ans: You can install a fender flare on your ram 1500 conveniently on your own. When purchasing these products ensure that you ask for the user manual. A fender flare user manual contains valuable insights on you can better install them correctly.

If you encounter any difficulties when installing your choice of ram 1500 fender flare contact a professional mechanic for assistance.

Q: How can I paint my choice of ram 1500 fender flare?

Ans: Fender flares are painted utilizing spray car paint usually with enamel or polyurethane. To paint one of these car accessories, follow this process:

  • Uninstall the wheel flares from your ram 1500 and proceed to clean with a suitable degreaser.
  • Protect the neighboring car components with electrical tape.
  • Proceed to sand the flare area and wipe with a suitable cloth.
  • Apply the basecoat and leave it to dry for about an hour.
  • Add the final paint coat and wait for it to dry up overnight.

While painting your choice of ram 1500 fender flare, ensure your put on protective clothing and a respirator.

Q: How can I avoid rust issues under ram 1500 fender flares?

Ans: All car wheel arches are prone to rust infestation due to rain and exposure to salt during the winter season. Rust infestation is undetectable since ram 1500 fender flaws hide metallic car components.

To avoid rusting issues, it’s crucial to take precautions when installing your choice of car fender flare. To avoid this menace, spray a sealant on areas covered by these products.

Q: What is the best place to buy an original ram 1500 fender flare?

Ans: One thing certain, today’s markets are clustered with fender flares that claim to be best and original. To get an original ram 1500 fender flare, buy from legalized shop outlets selling reputable makes of car fender flares.

Also, you can purchase from the Amazon website since they sell original and legit ram 1500 fender flares.

Q: What are some features to look for in the best fender flares for ram 1500?

Ans: Before embarking to buy the best fender flare, look out for these features

  • Portable and lightweight
  • An affordable one
  • Diverse car compatibility
  • Simple installation process
  • A paintable one

Q: What materials are used to make ram 1500 fender flares?

Ans: Ram 1500 fender flares are made from diverse materials. Plastic is a notable make material although it’s not strong and durable. High-quality materials like ABS plastic are expensive though provide a long-lasting product.

Investing in quality fender flares is wise although they are slightly expensive. Once you have hit the road you will feel and notice the difference of investing in a quality yet durable car fender flare.

Final Verdict

As a professional mechanic, I find all the above-mentioned car fender flares to be great for you and your car. One thing certain, it’s crucial to protect your car wheel and tire location from prevalent road flaws.

By doing so you save you a huge cost associated with repairs. With extreme weather conditions and other unwanted road flaws, all above-mentioned fender flares products are a wise acquisition.

Invest in one of the best fender flares for Ram 1500 gadgets and your life will never be the same.

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