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The ArchTriumph Panel would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for their hardwork in presenting concepts for the 2014 Triumph Pavilion. The process of reviewing the hundreds of projects and selecting a winner based on a number of criteria such as the idea, asthetics, feasibility, cost and finally, the presentation of that idea is never an easy one. However, the panel have finally arrived at a decision after interviews with the top shortlisted proposals from the UK, Italy and China.

The panel for the first time has taken the unprecedented step of commissioning two (2) Pavilions. The first and second placed projects will be commissioned as they both presented a very strong vision of their projects and were equally scored on many points which lead to the decision to support and spare head the realisation of these concepts.

The First place winner will be commissioned to build the planned Triumph Pavilion 2014: Dream Pavilion for the Museum Gardens in London (UK) in June 2014 as ' Dream Pavilion I '. The Second placed project will also be commissioned and assisted to realise their vision as ' Dream Pavilion II ' for a site yet to be disclosed at a later time. This means we might get the chance to enjoy another dream with 'Dream Pavilion II ' to the delight of our media sponsors, blogs and architecture magazines.

In the meantime, we invite you to save the date to visit and enjoy the forth-coming June 2014 'Triumph Pavilion: Dream Pavilion I ' by IPT Architects.

  Placement: 1ST
  Designed By: IPT Architects / Ecospace, United Kingdom.
  Commentary: This Showcase Pavilion will be known as " Dream Pavilion I " and will be commissioned for the Museum Gardens, Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom in 2014.


  Placement: 2ND
  Designed By: D.U.I. (Cecilia Sannella + Claudia Chirianni), Italy
  Commentary: This Showcase Pavilion will be known as " Dream Pavilion II " and will be commissioned for a site yet to be disclosed.



  Please join the entire team here at ArchTriumph once again in congratulating this year's Winners of this unique Pavilion showcase competition and also in thanking the other participants
  and shortlisted projects who did not win on this occassion. The process of realsing the Triumph Pavilion 2014:Dream Pavilion winning concept now begins...

 Next year's Pavilion theme will explore the 5th facade of most architecture project "SKY", a complex sphere with such elements as colour day, night, texture, rain, sunshine, cloud, stars or  sun etc.. It is an exciting prospect and aims to be an inspiring theme for the 2015 Triumph Pavilion